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Lenovo Live Pods LP40

Years Owned
0.5 years
Stress Points
Under normal conditions, the charging case is only supposed to have its LED lit up while it or the earbuds are charging. However at some point, the LED stays lit up regardless of whether the case or the earbuds are being charges. It stopped charging the earbuds altogether shortly after. The 30-day warranty has already expired by this point, so I tried to ask for a discounted replacement or reimbursement but the seller simply never replied. Unrelated to this malfunction, the earbuds themselves give a bad user experience. When booting up/reconnecting to the device right after taking them out from the case, one of the two earbuds would not turn on and has to be turned on manually.
Positive Remarks
The audio quality is very usable although the bass is almost non-existent. The Bluetooth signal is very reliable too. Battery life is good, both for the earbuds and the charging case.
Price Paid
$/Month of Ownership
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