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Logitech G903

Early Failure
Years Owned
1 years
Stress Points
Issue #1: double-click Double-click started after about 2 months of usage. Totally common for all "pro" Logitech mice. Absolutely unusable in games now. Issue #2: faulty wireless connection The wireless connection is disgusting: the receiver must be placed right next to the mousepad, otherwise you experience connection interruptions. It doesn't seem to be a problem specific to distance though, because at times it would work fine with the receiver half a meter away, other times it would glitch at specific positions even if it is placed 20-30 cm away. Also if you have Bluetooth devices, they seem to interfere with the wireless connection: I have a notebook on the table and the mouse would experience constant interruptions when it was powered on.
Positive Remarks
The design is one good part of this mouse: the narrow bottom part allows for a good grip on the mouse. Also, the mouse is absolutely symmetrical, which allows using it with either hand.
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